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Wholefood Cookery

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Whole Food Cooking classes are designed to help you prepare and cook wholesome, healthy and delicious meals using a variety of wholefoods, including: fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, sea vegetables, natural sweeteners and good quality fats. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible.

Class objectives:
To develop the basic knowledge to implement whole foods in your everyday life and broaden your knowledge how to use grains, pulses and sea vegetables such as combu and dulsk.
To offer information and tools that will make it easier to source, buy and use wholesome foods in your everyday life. To help you use the skills and knowledge to enrich your life and this can happen in a number of ways … it may be as simple as adding some new and delicious recipes to your cooking or it may be more complex - helping you understand how to eat more healthly, to have more energy, to loose weight etc....

"To have a fun and enjoyable experience"