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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Shiro-Abhyanga or more commonly known in the West, Indian Head Massage is part of the Ayurvedic Bodywork anti-ageing system from India. The healing traditions of India have much to offer us for our health and well-being. It all goes back to the enlightened sages of the past who developed and refined Ayurveda for the betterment of humanity. They realised that a healthy body is necessary for our happy progress through life, which can only be achieved if our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions are addressed as a unity. Their approach was holistic. "The Advantages"
Indian Head Massage is the ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain, insomnia, or poor concentration. It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy renowned for relieving symptoms of stress.